American actor and model Max Emerson hasn’t been shy about showing off his assets on social media.

The 29-year-old previously went skinny dipping and stripped off for a revealing shoot with his US military boyfriend, Andrés Camilo.

Emerson has now shared what must be his naughtiest snap yet, leaving little to the imagination.

The YouTuber was snapped by photographer Marianne Smith Dalton in Skaneatles, New York, while climbing out of a lake naked, with only a hand to cover his manhood.

The image was accompanied by the caption, “Saying goodbye to #Skaneateles lake.”

Photographer Marriane Smith also shared a less-revealing video of the actor, revealing the pair had met after Max’s performance in The Little Dog That Laughed.

Marriane said: “How refreshing to meet someone who is as grounded as he is successful and shall I honestly just say it, he is sweet too.”

The social media star met boyfriend Andrés last year on a dating app and the couple have shared their relationship on social media since, including a snap of Emerson massaging Camilo’s glutes.

Emerson also made a film called Hooked about LGBT homelessness and prostitution after raising $171,000 on crowd-funding site INDIEGOGO.

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