Who will take home the crown?

Mr. Gay Europe is an annual competition devoted to celebrating pride, diversity and gay rights. It also happens to be an opportunity to stare at some really hot men.

Delegates from all over the continent are elected for the contest to reinforce cultural bonds within the LGBT community, while raising awareness, promoting visibility and offering support to gay people throughout Europe.

The representatives are judged on a combination of intellect, confidence, awareness, self-esteem, looks and charm. Get to know this year’s delegates a little better by scoping out their photos below and clicking on each name to read their self-penned bio. When you’ve finished your research, head here to cast your vote for Mr. Gay Europe 2017 before the winner is revealed on August 5.

Jaimie Deblieck, Belgium, 18

Yuksel Yuseinov, Bulgaria, 28

Daniel Fröhlich, Czech Republic, 23

Matt Rood, England, 37

Rami Joel Kiiskinen, Finland, 20

Niko Wirachman, Germany, 27

Stephen Lehane, Ireland, 24

Kacper Sobieralski, Poland, 26

Joao de Oliveira, Portugal, 27

Steven Whyte, Scotland, 39

Jaromir Šufr, Slovak Republic, 41

Ben Brown, Wales, 28