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Bud Light Beer Sells for 14 Cents as Company Struggles During Boycott

promoted the brand after receiving a beer can with her face on it to celebrate her one-year anniversary of transitioning to a woman.Company boycotts have been gaining popularity across the country recently as some people say companies should focus on their products rather than social issues, with Bud Light's marketing decision quickly backfiring in the divisive political landscape around LGBTQ+ issues. People were quick to boycott the beer brand, tanking the company's stock price while sales for products from competitors like Miller Light and Coors Light rose.The backlash has Anheuser-Busch offering various promotions for its products, with retailers also marking down prices to sell the unwanted beer.However, the most recent price of 14 cents per can of beer for a 24-pack is not the lowest price for the beer, as Bud Light offered a Memorial Day promotion of a $15 rebate for packs of 15 cans or more.

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