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Figure skater Timothy LeDuc warms our hearts both on and off the ice

A post shared by U.S. Figure Skating (@usfigureskating)If you don’t know who Timothy LeDuc is, then allow us in break the ice: In February, skating alongside partner Ashley Cain-Gribble, LeDuc made history when they become the first-ever out nonbinary person to compete in the 2022 Winter Olympics.However, that’s not the only thing the U.S.

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Olympian Eric Radford’s latest thirst trap is serving Old Testament realness
Eric Radford shines on the ice, but he appears to be right at home in warmer climes, too.The out pair skater is a two-time world champion, a seven-time Canadian national champion, a two-time Four Continents champion, and has won three Olympic medals — a 2018 team even gold, a 2014 team event sliver, and a 2018 pairs event bronze.Related: Figure skaters Eric Radford and Luis Fenero get hitched in romantic Spanish weddingHe’s also the first openly gay many to have won a gold medal at any Winter Olympics, which is a pretty stellar claim to fame in our book.So how does Radford spend the off-season, aka summer?Well if it’s anything like this, sign us up:  A post shared by Eric Radford (@ericradford85)“Welcome to Eden,” Radford captioned the image, and we’re ready to book our ticket the moment we can find it on a map.TV personality and trans activist Ryan Allen Carrillo noted “She’s searching in the woods…”, but what she’s searching for is only limited by your imagination.Radford has never been afraid to flash the judges some skin, and by ‘judges’ we mean insatiable Instagram users.Here’s a look:  A post shared by Eric Radford (@ericradford85)  A post shared by Eric Radford (@ericradford85)  A post shared by Eric Radford (@ericradford85)  A post shared by Eric Radford (@ericradford85)  A post shared by Eric Radford (@ericradford85)  A post shared by Eric Radford (@ericradford85)  A post shared by Eric Radford (@ericradford85)  A post shared by Eric Radford (@ericradford85)  A post shared by Eric Radford (@ericradford85)  A post shared by Eric Radford (@ericradford85)
The Queer Athletes Looking For Gold At The 2022 Winter Olympics
Out Sports. The previous 2018 Winter Olympics had 15 queer people in total. With that in mind, this year looks to be a record-breaking year for team LGBTQ+ at this year's Olympics, with an already record-breaking number of athletes in just one sport, as figure skating already has seven out individuals, including the first nonbinary athlete, confirmed to take the ice next month.The games are scheduled to take place from February 4 to 20 in Beijing, and are far from being concrete, as a lot can happen between now and then. Still, here is the list of confirmed queer athletes heading to China for gold.Timothy LeDuc will become the first openly nonbinary athlete to compete at a Winter Olympics after they and their partner, Ashley Cain-Gribble, won the US Nationals Championship for pairs figure skating last week.They beat their second place competitor by over 15 points to secure the gold for the second time in their career, making them the ones to watch going into their event.In 2019, LeDuc became the first openly gay athlete to win gold in a US pairs’ event, according to the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee.Dutch speed skater Ireen Wüst has asserted herself as not only a legend in her sport, but has won gold medals at every Olympics she has been in since Turin in 2006, making her the most decorated LGBTQ+ Olympian of all time.The bisexual speed skater is entering the competition this year at 35, and it won’t be surprising if she tops the podium once again this year in her fifth Olympics.With a flurry of nearly every type of award a speed skater can get, regardless of her showing, Wüst has shown she is queer excellence.Going to my fifth Olympics in Beijing!!!