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‘In Our Blood’ is Australia’s answer to ‘It’s A Sin’ & it features a very steamy scene at a noted gay cruising club

In Our Blood about the LGBTQ+ community’s response to the AIDS epidemic in the early ’80s.An ensemble miniseries rife with period-specific details, In Our Blood certainly invites comparison to Russell T Davies’ It’s A Sin, which followed a decade in the lives of young, queer Londoners during the international health crisis.But where the Australian drama differs is that it’s also a jukebox musical, featuring rousing performances of songs form the likes of Depeche Mode and Tears For Fears, punctuating emotional moments of queer joy, sadness, and resilience.The musical aspect is just one of the ways In Our Blood balances out the heavier subject matter with levity and celebration. For another example, look no further than a scene in the latest episode, “No Time For Politicking,” in which “gay nun” Tim (Ryan A.

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