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Selena Gomez’s ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ character could have been gay

podcast “Wizards of Waverly Pod” and revealed which storyline he wanted to probe into further.“I wished we could have played more with what was quite obvious to a lot of us, was the relationship between Stevie and Alex,” the showrunner explained to the rewatch podcast’s hosts as well as the show’s stars, Jennifer Stone and David DeLuise.Hayley Kiyoko appeared as Stevie Nichols in Season 3, where she had a close friendship with Alex. Murrieta had hoped to explore their connection even more, believing he could create a queer relationship.“We weren’t able to in that time, but it was pretty clear to all of us what that relationship was,” Murrieta added.“Disney Channel has had [LGBTQ] characters, and they did it.

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