Dr. Oz: Last News


Dr. Oz would now like to pretend his catastrophic run for U.S. Senate never happened TYVM

https://t.co/5pGheZEvPQUnfortunately, people aren’t yet ready to accept him back into their lives after he said he would “get men out of women’s sports,” praised “Don’t Say Gay” bills, and called transgenderism a “false science” on the campaign trail last year. (Oh, and mocked his Fetterman for having a stroke, which most everyone agrees wasn’t very doctor-like.)Here’s how they’ve been responding…Remember when you didn’t even live in PAHow about the dangers of leaving you alone with puppies?Go away snake salesman!We know who you are…The Trump-endorsed TV doctor received a similar reaction to another tweet last month when he posted about his recent visit to a charter school in Philadelphia, where he talked about nutrition and wellness.I was very glad to visit the Belmont Charter School in Philadelphia, one of the latest schools where @HealthCorps is bringing our unique model of nutrition & wellness education through mentorship.

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