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We didn’t think Matt Gaetz could get any dumber… until he talked about drag queens on military bases

Matt Gaetz thinks drag queen story hours are a serious threat to the U.S. military and he wants everyone to know it.“How much taxpayer money goes to fund drag queen story hours on military bases?” he asked Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin III and Chief of Defense Staff General Mark Milley at the Senate Armed Services Committee and the House Armed Services Committee earlier this week.Austin and Milley were there to speak to elected officials about the $842 billion Pentagon budget. During their testimony, Gaetz whipped out an alleged flyer for a drag queen story hour on Ramstein Air Base in Germany as evidence of some sort of problem.Another day, another really stupid tweet from Matt Gaetz.When Austin replied, “Listen, drag shows are not something that the Department of Defense supports or funds,” Gaetz continued to grill him about “why are they happening on military bases?”Afterward, the Florida lawmaker went on Fox News, where he told the propaganda network’s resident homophobe Tucker Carlson that military leaders are trying to bring misery upon the entire world by embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion and hosting taxpayer-funded drag queen story hours.“America’s top military leaders have brought misery to almost every part of the globe they have touched,” Gaetz said, adding they’re asking for $70 million for “divisive” DEI efforts.

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