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Woman Finds a Massive Severed Whale Penis on Beach - Pics Included

A woman in Australia posted videos to social media that appeared to show a whale’s severed penis had washed ashore.User @bootscootinaf posted to TikTok she “wasn’t expecting that” when she went for a stroll on a beach recently in North Queensland.“Here’s a new one,” the user said as she encountered the severed member before asking “What in the f*ck is that?”She was clearly impressed by the length and girth of the unknown tube of flesh with a tapered and uncut tip.“It is massive,” she noted breathlessly, adding “It’s the size of my leg.”While marveling at the size of the fleshy member, she still found it “disgusting.”Some whales might beg to differ with her assessment. The user asked then for the public’s help in identifying the marine tube steak, and other users quickly identified it as a whale’s severed penis.“That’s a wales pp,” wrote one armchair zoologist, using proper medical terms.“DON’T TOUCH IT,” wrote another user, “it’s a whale thing.”A third user wryly observed, “He’s just called Moby now,” in reference to the classic American novel, Moby Dick, by Herman Melville.Australian wildlife expert Dr. Vanessa Pirotta was quoted in the NY Post saying it would be “hard to know exactly what this object is without seeing it in the flesh.”But Dr.

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