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Trio of millionaire lottery winners credit their luck to the karmic power of their throuple

How to Train Your Dragon 2, Spiderman: Homecoming).In a new interview with the Daily Star, Claire told all about hitting the jackpot and sharing it with her lovely fiancée and fiancé.A post shared by The Thrupples (@thrupples)This Valentine’s Day, look beyond the couple with this list of quote-unquote “nontraditional” queer love stories.In Claire’s Instagram bio, she describes herself as “polymagical”. It’s the same poly magic that the triad credits for their $1.4 million lotto win.“We like to think of the jackpot money as a little bit of a karmic gift for opening up to the world, and believing in ourselves and our relationship,” Claire explains.The trio apparently originated as a pair, with the titular Rupples of the “thrupple”, Katy and Justin.“It started with just Katy and Justin in a romantic relationship in 2005,” Claire says.

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