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Sega announces ‘Two Point Campus’ Pride DLC and fundraising stream

Sega has revealed that Two Point Campus will release with free Pride-themed downloadable content (DLC) when it launches in August, and announced a stream that will show off the content while raising money for transgender rights charity Mermaids.Two Point Campus publisher Sega has shared that the game’s first DLC will be the Pride Pack, which players will be able to pick up for free when Two Point Campus launches on August 9 (via PCGamesN).The DLC will include a range of rainbow-themed decorations for flooring, walls and beds, and will be explored in more detail today (June 28) during a livestream at 7PM BST.Besides sharing an “exclusive look” at what the Pride Pack will include, Sega’s livestream commemorates the anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall riots.

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