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Omar Apollo wants to get in your pants with his newest merch, and everyone’s freaking out

we don’t deserve Omar Apollo at all.The gay, Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter is rapidly reaching Lil Nas X levels of internet troll (non-derogatory) and, with his latest stunt, our crush only intensifies.This week, Apollo took to Twitter to announce a new merch drop, and it’s some brilliantly branded swag that, frankly, can’t come soon enough:merch c*ming soon ???’s right: It’s condoms!In a sleek black package, the rubbers bear the name of his (excellent) debut studio LP, Ivory, and include some choice lyrics from album single “Tamgotchi.” As the chorus of the exceptionally sexy track goes:“Feel on my waistline / I’m in LA, four hours away / Just hit me on FaceTime / Feeling so good, feeling so good / Singing a bass line /Your body is on me, you touching up on me / We cum at the same time / At the same time”Even typing those lyrics up got us all excited! A gifted musician and a safe sex advocate? It’s almost too much!In any event, the condoms don’t yet appear in Apollo’s official online merch store, but you can bet they’ll fly off the virtual shelves fast when they do.In the meantime, Apollo’s fans are keep themselves busy doing what they do best: Getting thirsty in his mentions.

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