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What occupations have the highest proportion of gays? Redditors say…

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Sometimes it’s isolating to be out as gay at work. And sometimes, you find yourselves in like company.Yes, it seems some lines of work are more gay-male-friendly than others, and Redditors listed those professions in a recent r/askgaybros thread when one person asked, “We all know the stereotypes, but what occupation do you think has the most gays?”Some of the jobs listed below won’t be surprises—again, stereotypes!—but others might throw you for a loop.

Here are Redditors’ responses from the thread, edited for readability.“Having been one, I can say this is 100% accurate.”“I know, like, 3 online, lol.”“Please return your flight attendant to the upright position for landing.

Thank you.”“Actually know a straight guy that is one. And he even met his girlfriend via the job.”“Public relations 100%.”“Just @ me next time”“Haha, yeah, I’m a classical singer, and there’s a good portion … maybe classical dancers even more.”Related: Internet rallies around guy who was outed at work by a coworker“There are a surprising number of gays in EMS.”“My Tinder experience would make me say wannabe actors and Starbucks baristas.” (“But you repeat yourself,” joked another user.)“Starbucks baristas, lol.

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