Despite some social conservatism in Israel, an interesting new study regarding the sexuality of Israelis showed that there are ten-times as many bisexuals as there are gays and lesbians. The study revealed that a major number – about one-third – of people in the Jewish state claim to land somewhere on the bisexual spectrum.

By analyzing the results even further it also revealed that sixty-seven percent (67%) of the study’s participants identified themselves as “exclusively heterosexual”. Three percent (3%) reported that they were “exclusively homosexual”, and the remaining thirty percent (30%) claimed to be somewhere between exclusively heterosexual and homosexual.

Israel is welcoming to the gay community

The study used what they call a Kinsey scale, which has each of the participants rank themselves anywhere between zero (0) and six (6) – zero being exclusively heterosexual and six being exclusively homosexual. Numbers 1 through 5 represent a bisexual spectrum, meaning they are open-minded about having sexual relations with different genders. One-third of Israelis landed anywhere between this 1 and 5 bisexual spectrum.

Kinsey US

Results from this same method-of-study revealed that half of British young adults land somewhere on the bisexual spectrum, and American young adults had one-third of their participants land on the spectrum. By lumping the studies together, researchers revealed that roughly one-third of the population of the U.S., the U.K., and Israel consider themselves to be neither strictly homosexual nor heterosexual, landing somewhere on the bisexual spectrum.

Israelis take part in the annual gay parade in jerusalem

Some people may not be aware but LGBT rights in Israel are actually the most advanced in all of the Middle East and high on the list in Asia. Sexual activity among same-sex couples was legalized in 1988, and Israel was the first in Asia to accept and recognize unregistered same-sex cohabitation and same-sex unions.

Same-sex marriages are still not being performed in the country but they understand that same-sex marriages are performed in other places around the globe and support those who have chosen to do so. Therefore, since 1992, it is prohibited to discriminate against sexual orientation. Furthermore, same-sex couples can jointly adopt children since a court ruling in 2008 made it legal.

Lastly, gays and lesbians are legally allowed to serve openly in the military.