Is there anything Pietro Boselli can’t look good in? The answer: no.

The ‘world’s hottest maths teacher’ recently joined Bench Body PH to model their latest collection, and he’s now been enjoying some well-earnt rest.

Taking a dip in the sea, Pietro catches the light perfectly as he washes down his glorious skin — all done in brilliant tight briefs that totally caught our eye.

Pietro posted images of him enjoying a drink at the beach… and we’re not jealous at all.

As well as soaking up the rays…

Earlier this year, he confirmed his collaboration with the iconic underwear brand Bench Body PH, writing: “So pleased to be part of the @benchtm and @benchbodyph family. Great people make a well-loved homegrown brand! Manila, see you soon!”


The Italian maths teacher and now international model launched to worldwide fame after his topless workout videos became an internet sensation.

On his sudden rise to fame, Pietro previously explained: “At first I never realised that people were taking pictures in the classroom. The first time is when I saw it reposted on Facebook.

“I saw it happen a few times until The Daily Mail picked it up and reposted it, and it just went crazy on the internet… I started having more people showing up at the class, people who had nothing to do with the course.”



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