Most of the straight guys out there will probably flip an eyebrow, but it’s what the studies suggest. Nothing to do about it. But first of all, let’s clear things out. Some straight guys may find that these advices are useless because they are already practicing them and they find the natural. No problem, then you will probably make an awesome gay some day. But for the rest of you out there, here are the most important things gay sex can teach you:

  1. The art of foreplay
gay sexual life
Gay partners actually care about each other’s pleasure –

Here is the deal. Guys don’t need as much foreplay as women do, it’s pretty much a no brainer. But there is one thing that gays do and most straight guys don’t: always reach orgasm. It may very well be that no gay guy ever went through a sex act without reaching orgasm. And this says something. It says that the gay partners actually care about each other’s pleasure and, while they don’t need that much foreplay, they will always make sure they are both reaching orgasm. When considering straight sex, the problem is that women need careful foreplay in order to reach orgasm. So, if a man will appreciate her feelings the same way gay couples respect each other then there is no reason for any women not to experience orgasm during each sex act. Unfortunately, statistics show that 45% of the women fail to reach orgasm during some sex acts and they need to fake it. Out of these, 5% never reach orgasm during their entire life. Things couldn’t be any clearer: men, act gay!

  1. No taboos – ultimate pleasure
gay sexual life
Gay sex is definitely more passionate and infinitely more delicious –

Gay sex is definitely more passionate and infinitely more delicious due to one simple fact: prostate stimulation. Every man has a hidden G-spot in there, but straight guys will ultimately avoid it by all means. Some have no idea it exists, some have never tried it because they are ashamed of their partners, others would never try it due to some male complexes. Being anal related, prostate stimulation will immediately be associated with homosexual tendencies and most straight guys will avoid it by principle. But they have no idea how stimulating and intense an orgasm will become when provoked through anal stimulation. Those who have tried it know what I am talking about. Gays know how their bodies work a lot better than straight guys and this gives them an obvious advantage when looking to reach the ultimate pleasure. No taboos = godlike pleasures. Guys, take notes, please!

  1. Get in shape!
gay sexual life
Gay guys are in better shape than straight ones. –

Gay guys are in better shape than straight ones. It is not a general rule, of course exceptions exists like in any other domain. But you cannot deny that gay guys are always more athletic than straight ones. I have no idea why. Probably is due to the fact that they value the physical aspect a lot more than the rest of the dudes. This shouldn’t be a gay rule, it should be a general rule. Leading a healthier life will have seriously positive consequences on your sexual activity. Since the physical activity will increase the blood flow in your body, your sexual appetite will increase accordingly. Also, you will have more energy to use in the most important situations of all: SEX.