Creators of the popular american Tv show The Biggest Loser have compiled a new fitness challenge series called Strong. It is going to be some sort of fitness competition featuring 10 of the country’s hottest male trainers who will help 10 women lose weight, get fit and transform their lives entirely.

One of the main trainer is a former professional MMA fighter Adam Von Rothfelder. And we have found a very hot recent photo session of this hunk where he did a full frontal shots posing naked.

But the producer of the show didn’t really know about Adam’s naked past. He didn’t tell them beforehand. But soon show makers realised that they will get 90% of viewers who will watch show because of this hunk. So in fact, they’re probably relatively chuffed at Rothfelder’s art project. And these are shots that all viewers can admire. Full naked body covered with tattoes and muscles. What can be better?








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