Do you have a partner? If you have, then you know what is it like starting morning with a sweet kiss, doing household chores together, making morning coffee and a lot of other things.

This couple of hot gay hunks prove that there is nothing better than live side by side with your sweetheart. It much more pleasant to do everything together, to share the joy and sorrow of the day with a man who supports you in any case. Let’s just check it out how this Italian couple @leotakespix and @mikeletakespix spend their usual day!

It was happy Easter. My bunny woke me up with a sweet kiss!

To play such a way is much better and more pleasant!

He is my little monkey!

He is always under my protection!

The best free time spending!

Sometimes we do some crazy things!

His proper pose for reading makes me crazy and I want him again and again!

I love when he gives me morning kiss!

And our Sunday kiss is followed by… the most satisfactory weekend’s morning sex.

Night, night, my sweetheart!

Vacations is the best time to relax and forget all hustle and bustle! Just ME & U!

The best pose ever! Love him riding me!

Our day starts with a cup of coffee and…

a couple of tasty creamy cupcakes

and of course some role playing))

We are happy! And you?