I was a young woman in a medical residency, and as fate would have it, the hospital was in the “Boystown” of the city.  All the docs were gay.  The ER nurses were gay.  We had an AIDS floor back then, and I spent most of my life on that floor with the most amazing and courageous men I had ever known.  And wouldn’t you know it, they all knew I was a “baby dyke” before I did.  A couple evenings out to the gay bars, and I realized all my hookups with men were dissatisfying, and I never pursued a relationship.  So, I did what few people did back then.  I went online.  Back then, there was only Eworld on Mac Computers.  No world wide web.  And Eworld had a chat room called Sappho’s Café.  I met my first love on day one in Sappho’s Café.



She was 2,000 miles away.  We hosted a medical chat together in Eworld.  She and I became very close.  Then the land line phone chat.  She would wake up 2 hours early, simply to be my wake-up phone sex call!  We started our morning with it, we ended our days with it.   But as all good online hookups, the time came to meet.  Lots of phone sex had me ready, and waiting.  But the reality was, I was a virgin lesbian!  I had never “been” with a woman.  I was to fly cross country to see her.  I was being surprised as to where we were going, and what we were doing for a full week.  So very little did I know.  While I was the newbie, she was a seasoned lesbian with many sexual experiences in her past.  Bisexual, threesomes, drugs and alcohol driven orgies.  I was as nervous as could be.



So – I went to the bookstore. Heh.  I bought a book on the art of lesbian sex. Check.  I read magazines. Check.  I explored my body, check!  I was still panicking!  I had pictures of her, and she had mine.  She picked me up at the airport with red roses in hand. The fateful kiss happened right there in the rush of bodies, and the fireworks went off!  Never did I feel this with a man.   We quickly got my bag and practically ran to the car.  She moved the car to a desolate part of the parking lot, and it happened right there.  I was over the top!  My first real orgasm with another person, and a second….and a third…..and then she whisked me to a cabin in the snow covered mountains.  There we stayed for 3 full days.



She thought of everything from the coffee to the food to the sex toys!   In those 3 days, I discovered muscles I never knew I had.  I had been body painted, nipple clamped, and titillated with vibrations.  She dripped hot wax on me, wore a strap-on, and even broke out anal beads. What???….she did everything to me! Then I built the nerve to reciprocate.  I was a doctor!  I know anatomy!  I could do it!  And do it I did.  Hours and hours of sex…every room….every toy…..bathtub….snow! The heights we both got to were unreal.  I wondered if we could be heard by neighbors.  The purring lioness was freed from her closet, and I never stepped back in.  No preparation could have sufficed.  There is no substitute for the real experience.  For anyone in the place of uncertainty- go for it!  Don’t worry, don’t panic.  Jump in.  And if those proverbial fireworks go off, listen to them! We were together for many, many years thereafter!