Let us introduce you to Miles Kennelly. Originally from Philadelphia, he studied Economics at Harvard University and now lives in New York.

Currently living life to the full and documenting it via his personal Twitter and Instagram accounts, it seems that life’s rather good for the openly gay guy – sunshine, gym routine and time with friends some of the highlights.

However, it seems Instagram isn’t quite as open to such an idea of Miles sharing all his life, as he’s explained in one recent Twitter post.

Miles claims the social media site removed two of his photos because they’re too ‘sexual’, later questioning if the photo would’ve been removed had it been a female.

He wrote: “Instagram took this down for being too ‘sexual’”

Another reading: “RT! So mad @ Instagram. took down ANOTHER pic bc it’s “sexual”. Would they take down a fully-clothed woman who happens to be busty? #Sexist”

It didn’t take long before his followers threw their thoughts into the ring, with one saying, “They probs wouldn’t. They are probs jealous of what you’re packing.”

He’s certainly packing something… Take a look below at the photos in question and let us know your thoughts.

Since posting the below tweet, the photo has been reinstated on Miles’ Instagram.

While we’re on his Instagram account,


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