Last week I had the weirdest experience in my gay life. On Monday, I got a text message via one of ‘those’ applications – you know better them. It was sent from a blond-haired and blue-eyed guy  – “My prince!” I jumped in the early morning drooling.

my gay life
“My prince!” I jumped in the early morning drooling. –

I adored this combination of blue eyes and blond hair. Our chat continued and he quickly came to the point of asking me out.  I had an off-day anyway, and it was sunny, so I straightforwardly answered positively. It was arranged for lunchtime, we saw each other, we seemed to like each other…And speaking for myself, I wanted his masculine body in my bed. On Thursday, we saw each other again, on Friday, we went to a night club and after that, we headed to his flat. I had never asked him about his role because it was so obvious – he was an absolute man, so he was supposed to be a top…At least, I believed so. Moreover, I had a visible slightly girly look and with my body sizes I was an absolute teeny-weeny boy, therefore, I thought that he has noticed that there was no way for me to be anything else than a bottom.

my gay life
We got in the flat nobly drunk, and our animal desires were commanding us –

We got in the flat nobly drunk, and our animal desires were commanding us, we rapidly undressed each other. That was followed by kissing, caressing…And I think you guess what comes next – the screw. I was ready, waiting for him to completely possess me, I had no patience. He came and had a long look at me, then asked: “What are you doing? Why aren’t you getting ready?” I was ready, what he was talking about?! “I’m ready to be possessed by my raging bull!” I answered. His eyes opened widely and he asked: “What do you mean?” This was getting annoying already, you know with that passion and eager, you don’t want to wait and I shouted: “Stop playing, come on! Come here!” Then his answer came like a bolt out of the blue: “But I’m a bottom… Didn’t you know that? I thought that you were a top.”

my gay life
That moment was indescribably awkward. –

That moment was indescribably awkward. I didn’t know how to react and what to say, we both were badly strayed. It was a pity that we couldn’t enjoy the night as a bottom and top… I was still wondering with a great dose of disappointment. He had superman’s breast, he was like a tropical forest, I mean his body hair. That was unusual him not to be a top, but I had to accept this, it would have been silly if I had tried to make him a top for a night. Never before had I done such a foolish thing, and from then on I knew that I had better asked people before getting that far.