“Perez Hilton calld [sic] me douchebag so I had my homie shoot up a gay wedding. wasn’t his but still made me feel better.” Twitter, 2010

“If you are a man and your [sic] over 25 and you don’t eat pu**y just kill yourself damn it. The world will be a better place.” Twitter, 2010

50 Cent, ladies and gentlemen. A couple of tweets that show some of his public persona’s attitude towards gay folk (maybe).

50 Cent is gay
“I don’t have homophobia. I never did” – wordup.altervista.org

Then, there’s this, in 2013: “I don’t have homophobia. I never did” This was said around the time of ‘Dream School’ which he produced, where troubled teens were mentored by stars. A transgender teen called Alan was mentored by 50 Cent, and the rapper posted up a transcript of his story on his website.

Now, 50 Cent’s ex-girlfriend, Vivica Fox, has dropped some lurid hints during an interview that the rapper might actually be gay.

Wait, what? Did she?

50 Cent is gay
When Cohen asked her outright if 50 Cent was gay, she said, “He’s not.” – mtv.com

Responding to 50 Cent’s criticism that hit show ‘Empire’ was losing viewers due to too much “gay stuff”, she told host Andy Cohen that “the pot called the kettle black is all I’m saying.” When Cohen asked her outright if 50 Cent was gay, she said, “He’s not.”

She then went on to drop further confusing hints, including referencing a magazine cover from 2010 where he appeared with Soulja Boy, saying “Looks like a booty snatcher to me.”

50 Cent responded on Instagram (makes a change from Twitter) by saying: “Oh No!!! Now she thinks I’m gay because I let her lick my A**. LMAO. Wait, I didn’t want her to, she forced me, my hands were tied. 50 shades of grey.”

50 Cent is gay
50 shades of grey – vk.com

So there you have it. Homophobic-but-maybe-not rapper accused (implicitly) of being gay by his ex-girlfriend who herself seems to think it’s fun to slander him for it. Two public personas battling it out for us all to see, with us actual gay folk in the middle.

Does anyone actually care about this stuff? I ask myself that every day…


  1. I don’t care about this stuff.
    just “dirty clothes” of a star couple

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