The caption reads: ‘It’s just a kiss’

Vogue Italia has not only just put one gay kiss on its September issue, but two.

New editor-in-chief Emanuele Farnati has celebrated fashion’s biggest month with two covers, one same-sex male couple and one same-sex female couple.

Lily Alridge and Vittoria Ceretti lock lips on one cover of its ‘Italian issue’, while real-life couple Edoardo Velicskov and Pablo Rousson are on the other.

A third cover features Maria Carla Boscono and Federico Spinas.

The caption reads ‘it’s just a kiss’.

Italy still doesn’t have same-sex marriage, a consequence of the pressures of the Catholic Church.

The country was the last in Europe to get civil unions, and also lacks nationwide anti-discrimination laws ensuring LGBTI protections in work.

Vogue Italia is considered the most editorial and least commercial of any of the Vogues, and is often considered the most important fashion magazine in the world.