The couple recreate moments from trip four years earlier

Olympic diver Tom Daley and filmmaker fiancee Dustin Lance Black spent the Easter weekend in Paris where they had gone roughly four years earlier.

Black, an Oscar winning screenwriter, provides some very funny dry humor throughout a video that captures their weekend for Daley’s popular video blog.

One of the funniest moments comes at the video’s 1:14 mark when Black does a spot-on impression of the enthusiastic Daley who responds with an eye roll and gamely carries on.

Throughout the rest we see the pair walking around Paris recreating poses from four years ago.

They also walk by The Louvre and its very long lines, Arc de Triomphe and other famous locations including the Eiffel Tower.
Daley includes the original poses from 2013 for comparison and it’s safe to say that both men are aging well.