Every time I get in contradictions with some homophobe or two over sexual preferences on the internet (because what can you do better than that on the internet?) it is just a matter of time until he will throw me that “If everybody was gay, human race will go extinct”. And this is the ultimate argument against gays in their head. Well, let’s assume everybody was gay for a second.

gay planet
“If everybody was gay, human race will go extinct” – plus.google.com

What would our world look like with nothing but gay people everywhere? Let’s see:

  • Everybody will be cool

Yep, no gratuitous hatred or homophobic behavior. Just fun people hanging out with each other.

  • Everybody will be smarter

What? Is there a problem with this statement? Yea, that’s what I thought so. Everybody knows gays are smarter that straight people. Well, at least gay people know it.

  • We would have gay superheroes only
gay planet
Everybody knows gays are smarter that straight people – twicsy.com

Which I believe would be badass. Gay superheroes are underrated. Stop with that already and give them the attention they deserve.

  • Peace all over the world

What reasons would we find to fight with each other? A gay world would be a peaceful one. It’s straight people starting the wars. Gays are just…awesome.

Well, unfortunately, this is not how things are. The fact is that we all share the same planet and everybody is different in its own way.

Gays are just…awesome – www.pinterest.com

As much as we would like to, we can’t get rid of homophobes in the same way they can’t get rid of gay people. So how about we start respecting one another and stop caring for what the other guy does with his intimate parts in the bedroom? How about that?


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