My best friend, who happened to be hetero, once had promised me to accompany me in a nightclub which was not just an ordinary one, but a gay-themed one. He would do anything for me and, this time, was not an exception, perhaps because he had no idea what was awaiting him there though I knew, I wouldn’t tell him, too. I was quite excited, it was our first time to such a place together and I was curious about his reaction, as he was a hardcore hetero, who never liked homosexuals.

gay club
Obviously, our friendship was stronger than anything else. –

Even I, confessing my sexual orientation to him, had tremendously hard time, and I didn’t even expect that he would accept and love me the way I am. Obviously, our friendship was stronger than anything else. On our way to the club, he was building plans. He said that in case, parasites and hungry wolves surrounded me as usually happened, he would break their bones. On the one hand, that encouraged me, because the only reason I gave up my nightlife was because of all those rutty male gazes that would impale me from the very moment I entered a club. On the other hand, however, my hetero friend had nothing to-be-named-hetero on him. He was only 2 to 3 centimeters taller than me, even thinner and blond. His face lines were gentle as of a girl, of course, the fact was a fact, he was hetero, still as if he was born to be nothing else, but a gay boy.

He saw the club’s overall look, in front of it there were posters with naked men and you can guess what else. This did not encourage him much, we entered. As we got inside, the muscled waiter who saw me at the door swiftly came and grabbed me, that was my… I can’t actually define – a friend, a lover, a boyfriend – a little bit of everything. Surprisingly, my friend liked him and as he was going to accompany us all night long, anyway, that was good.

Gay Club
Unstoppable flow of horny males heading to our table –

My friend now was offering me to that waiter, he said that the waiter seemed to be a decent boy… I think the bottle of vodka was doing its magic again. Yes, I hurried to get him soaked, so as over the upcoming hours, the night program could have had him disgusted and quite a lot desperate about life. My plan turned out to be successful, later on, my friend was dancing, and he usually never danced, he was following me to the cell, literally there was a cell, which was locked when a dancer entered. I entered and the waiter locked me there, then my friend came inside, we seemed to be that night’s attraction and that was proved by the unstoppable flow of horny males heading to our table… Thanks to the waiter, whose job that night was rather guarding us than being a waiter.

In the meanwhile, my friend was getting wilder and wilder, after another glass of vodka, he was dancing with the transgender queen of the club in that cell. He had never been a good soaker, anyway, but I was dying of desire to see his face on the next day when I was going to tell him about his adventures. Moreover, that club’s Facebook page was going to exhibit everything, as they used to take photos and videos when there happened to be such passionate dancers.

Gay Club
Was his reaction wild, did he faint? –

Was his reaction wild, did he faint? I’ll let you guess that, if you want to know better, take your hetero friends to the most gayish nightclub, it is fun!


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