Sacha Baron Cohen (Ali G, Borat) opened a discussion about percentages of gayness on WTF! podcast with Marc Maroninvited to promote his upcoming film The Brothers Grimsby. The actor explained how his sexuality varies.

“I’m 23 percent gay. We worked it out did the calculations. I’m 23 percent gay,” but explained how this fluctuates. “There are times I go down to 17 sometimes I’m 31 depends on the situation. When I was doing Borat and I had the testicles at my chin I was at 31.”

I’m 23 percent gay. –

Olly Murs felt the need to express his feelings and he declared he felt the same. “I’m probably the same,” Olly Murs said, “or maybe 20 percent.”

The former X Factor host stated that he has a lot of gay friends and that he’s got something for them, maybe 20 percent…

“I’ve got a lot of gay friends I get on with really well. I get on with everyone. Everyone’s got a bit of campness about them . . .”

I’ve got a lot of gay friends I get on with really well. –

The new pansexual star is very secure about his sexuality, as he described it being gay 20 out of 100 times.  He thinks that straight men who are not comfortable around gay men are weird.

“The weirdest thing for me is when straight guys get really freaked out by gay guys. It’s almost like they’re insecure in their own sexuality. For me, I can be in a room full of gay men and have fun.”


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