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We’re not crying, you’re crying.

It’s been a tough year, but love still won out with marriage equality legalized in Germany, Australia, Malta and even the tiny island of St. Helena (population 4,500).

Here are 23 same-sex marriage proposal videos to remind us how beautiful and resilient queer love was in 2017.

Erica and Farren

This adorable young couple kicked off 2017 the right way, with a surprise proposal at the strike of midnight and so many happy tears.

Mosa and Siya

This summer, Mosa surprised his boyfriend Siya with a proposal in the beautiful botanical gardens in Durban, South Africa, where same-sex marriage has been legal since 2006. Family and friends were waiting to help the couple celebrate, and watching the couple fall into a long embrace while their family and friends sing Bruno Mars’ “Marry You” after Siya accepts the ring is enough to bring on the water works.

The anonymous couple who got engaged during a Little Mix concert

Little Mix’s Jade Thirwall posted an emotional video of a fan’s proposal to his boyfriend during the group’s performance of LGBT anthem “Secret Love Song.”

When he said “Yes,” the crowd—and subsequently much of the Internet—went wild. Our hearts too, Jade.

Brad and Bo

Brad took his beau, Bo, on vacation to Northern Ireland, his favorite place in the world, to propose. They toured castles and enjoyed seaside views while Brad worked up the courage to pop the question. Bo’s response is even more beautiful than the scenery.

Amanda and Regina

The quiet simplicity of this surprise proposal at home is just perfect.

Alex and Justin (with assist from Kelly Clarkson)

In June, Alex Malerba and Justin Blake were in Las Vegas to see Kelly Clarkson perform. During a photo-op with the star, Alex dropped to one knee and proposed, much to Clarkson’s delight.

When the guys revealed they’d been dating for four years, she joked, “It’s about damn time!”

Jane and Officer “Dizzy”

In the middle of London Pride, Jane got down on one knee to propose to her girlfriend, an on-duty police officer nicknamed “Dizzy.” She said yes, the crowd went wild, and the video went viral. (It was even shared by the British Transport Police’s official Twitter account.)

The “Little Mermaid” proposal

This theatrical proposal to the tune of the Little Mermaid’s “Kiss the Girl” is ridiculously adorkable.

Adrian and Blaire

Former WNBA player Adrian Ritchie proposed to girlfriend Blaire Baldwin in a secluded forest. Her little happy dance when she gets her “yes” is sheer perfection.

Doug Langway and Joseph Chapman

Filmmaker Doug Langway (BearCity) asked his Australian boyfriend, Joseph Chapman, to marry hmfrom Times Square—projecting his request on a giant billboard.

The multimedia proposal proved that long-distance love can still be romantic AF.

Katie and Becky (with assist from Katy Perry)

Katie made headlines this year when she proposed to her girlfriend, Becky, on stage at a Katy Perry concert on National Coming Out Day.

The fans lost their minds, and Perry was so excited she fell to her knees on stage.

Ty and Tyler

Baseball-loving couple Ty Fleming and Tyler Garrison got engaged at a Washington Nationals game with help from the team mascot, Screech the Eagle.

The team was in on the surprise, and the whole stadium cheered them on.

Vincent and Devin

Vincent thought he was going to a private movie screening with his boyfriend, Devin. But it was actually an elaborate video proposal that took him completely by surprise.

Wade and Chris (with assist from Adele)

Wade Nicholson-Doyle and his boyfriend, Chris, got engaged on stage at an Adele concert in Melbourne in March, sharing the moment with 77,000 fans—and one delighted Grammy winner.

Adele’s getting pretty good at this: She already helped facilitate same-sex proposals at shows in Copenhagen and Switzerland.

The Babadook and his boyfriend

In June, Seattle drag queen Fraya Love dressed up like everyone’s favorite gay icon for Seattle Pride, where she was surprised by a proposal from her boyfriend.

Pennywise was presumably heartbroken upon hearing the news.

Zach and Evan

This surprise proposal is sweet, simple, and heartfelt: The happy couple celebrated their engagement by floating paper lanterns into the night sky, a truly beautiful image.

Angel and Nicole

This surprise proposal on the beach, followed by a bonfire with friends, is lovely in its simplicity.

Greg and Craig

Greg Gaige has a YouTube channel all about Disney World, so naturally when he proposed to his boyfriend Craig, he got down on one knee right in front of Cinderella’s Castle—while they were both wearing Mickey Mouse ears. D’aawe.

Michael and Matthew

Gay travel gurus Michael Lindsay and Matthew Schueller got engaged in the middle of a trip through Denmark. Naturally, they filmed everything and made a lovely video documenting the big moment.

Justin and Andrew

Justin pulled his boyfriend, Andrew, on stage at karaoke night and serenaded him before getting down on one knee. The singing is adorably off-key, and Andrew’s squeaky “Of course!” might have restored our faith in love.

James and Luke

James shocked his partner with a surprise engagement using the piano at London’s St. Pancras train station. Luke’s face says it all.

The Australian MP who proposed to his partner during the same-sex marriage debate.

When lawmakers in Australia’s House of Representatives debated marriage equality earlier month, MP Tim Wilson used the opportunity to propose to longtime boyfriend Ryan Bolger. Bolger’s enthusiastic “Yes” was officially noted in the public record.

By the following week, Australia had officially said “Yes” to marriage equality, too.

Megan and Sarah (with assist from Nan and Pa)

Sarah’s proposal to Megan went viral this summer after she asked her grandma, “Nan,” and her terminally-ill granddad, “Pa,” to help her pop the question.

Pa has since passed away, but ladies says he was at their wedding in spirit.

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