How to become an author on our site

How to become an author on our site

680-autorYou are creative writer and you know all the secrets of creating interesting articles? Or you have any ideas concerning our project and you want to put them into your writing – then you are welcome to join our team of writers at

What will our authors get:

  • grateful readers
  • fame and the opportunity of being quoted in the media sphere
  • recognition
  • an increasement of their “media karma”
  • the authors of high-quality articles are offered with long-term collaborations and good fees.

It’s time for actions! Do it! Try it yourself right now, to avoid regretting the missed opportunity to become famous! team aims at creating high-quality, exciting, useful and interesting articles for their readers. We want you to understand this and please pay attention to it when you send us your articles.

Respecting the few simple rules stated below will help you increase the chance to have your articles published on

Article Title should cause the readers’ desire to come and read your article until the end. It should be no less than three words and no more than 180 characters.

You shouldn’t write boring encyclopedic data of a few pages. Readers do not like it! We’ve already checked it:)) Make it smaller, but more appealing!

Offering your personal opinion, point of view or piece of advice is always welcome, if it will be appropriate for the general tone of the article of course.

Interesting and useful articles – it’s not just words organized in well-built sentences from the grammatical point of view. It should be the article, which our reader will like, that will offer him the opportunity to find out something new and even learn some life lessons or educate him in some sensible subjects that he may be misinformed about.

Let’s motivate the reader to let your own words go into his soul and make him come back to our site looking for your inspiring articles again and again!

We love our writers and try to promote their articles, and them as well, by all means.

Our articles are useful and interesting for readers!

If you share our goals, then we invite you to join our team of writers! Don’t hesitate and start right now!