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Andrew Yang Defends Dave Chappelle Amid Criticism of His Visit to Former High School

Andrew Yang on Friday defended embattled comedian Dave Chappelle after he was jeered by some students during a recent visit to his former high school.In a series of tweets, Yang spoke appreciatively of Chappelle supporting him during his failed presidential bid and how the stand-up star "helped a lot of people" during the COVID-19 pandemic.Yang also called media coverage of Chappelle's visit to his alma mater, Washington, D.C.'s Duke Ellington School of the Arts, a "press hit job.""I was endorsed by a number of celebrities. Dave Chappelle is the only one who came to Iowa and South Carolina to perform on my behalf—with proceeds going to the campaign—and even made phone calls and hung out with staff," Yang wrote on Twitter Friday.

Mary Trump shares advice on surviving Thanksgiving with folk you don’t get along with

Donald Trump, has gone viral. In it, the best-selling writer and psychologist offers timely advice on how to survive Thanksgiving if you’re planning to spend it with family or other people who hold different political views to you.“I’m seeing a lot of pieces about getting through the holidays with people who hold different political views from yours,” she said.

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