Who we are

Who we are


Stop doing it! Don’t waste your time anymore! Meaws is what you need!

Above all, innovators. We are a team of people coming from all corners of the world, united by the feeling that everyone deserves the right to freedom and happiness, in all of their forms. The fact that we chose to support the LGBT community comes from the awareness regarding the discrimination that most of these individuals face in their everyday lives. Can we change the world by ourselves? Of course not. But we can do it together.

Meaws.com is a newly born project, but those behind it are professionals, having the deepest interest in every aspect of the LGBT community and its still controversial influence in every society across the globe. We support freedom, honesty, individual happiness and love beyond prejudice and these are values that every healthy society should promote.

You will laugh, cry and cringe with us as we will keep you posted with the wildest and hottest news, with the saddest and happiest stories from all around the world and we will inform you on everything you need to know about the LGBT community. We are not the first to have this initiative, but we are the most experienced and most dedicated to our goals.

Are you an LGBT individual? Follow us and we will help you overcome every obstacle that society throws at you, because you deserve to be happy and free.

Our goals are simple, but daring. The world needs to change its perception towards gay people and understand that happiness is every individual’s right and that being gay doesn’t alter the meaning of love. We dream at a world where everybody is free to choose his own path in life and we will fight for this right with our most powerful weapons: determination and education.

Support us and you will support freedom, love and tolerance, three qualities that every society fails to meet in their fullest.