Holidays are about love, spending time with your dear ones and the family. But how do the holidays look when you are an LGBTQ human? How is your family reacting to you and your same-sex partner being affectionate towards each other? How can you handle all the questions that will come from relatives?

These are common questions members of the LGBTQ community ask themselves prior to holidays. Even though this time of the year promotes unconditional love and positive emotions, they are not felt like this by many LBGTQ people.

Holidays become more and more difficult and challenging to handle and this is because of the anxiety that goes up in their heads. Moreover, the way the family and other relatives react is very important. But more important is your choice: how you decide to handle everything that follows. Everyone, no matter his sexual orientation, wants to spend the holidays happily. And even though this is a challenge for many LGBTQ people, they can overcome it.

There is always the option of going with your loved one to an LGBTQ friendly country and spending the holidays. But the family is also a part of this and learning how to handle challenges will also improve your skills of dealing with complex or conflictual moments. According to Dissertation Today and AssignmentHolic writers, here are 8 tips to spend your first homo family holiday happily.

Going Out

Maybe not all of your family members know your sexual orientation, but you know all of them. You have probably grown up with them and know how they think and react to different events. According to professional writing services, going out is one of the most challenging things to do. You do not have to do it to all family members if you do not feel you can do it.

Selecting and deciding on which relatives to include here is the main decision you will need to make. If you do not feel comfortable regarding some of them, it would be better to simply not tell them.

Sleep Arrangements

One of the main things you need to discuss before the holidays is sleep arrangements. If you will attend the holidays with your partner, it is better to discuss this with your family. Like this, you will avoid any misunderstandings or conflicts that might appear.

Thinking and arranging these details in advance will help you spend a happy holiday with your dead ones, say writers from a thesis writing service.

Time for Yourself

Holidays can be stressful, especially if this year is your first homo family holiday. Some family members might not be used to seeing you and your partner together, so odd looks can be observed daily. It is important to not forget about yourself and the things you find comfort in.

LGBTQ people usually feel sadder and lonelier during the holidays because they might not find the family support they are looking for. However, if their families have already accepted their sexual orientation, it is just a matter of time until they get used to you and your partner hanging out.

Until then, as writers from assignment help services highlight, it is important to save some time during the holidays for yourself. Do the things that bring you pleasure, meet up with other LGBTQ people, go on a walk, or read a book. Your holidays will be more positive and less stressful.


One of the things many family members think about is that you are not the same person they know. This might be one of their thoughts, so they need constant reassurance that things have not changed. Open communication might be a challenge for LGBTQ people and this is because they find little support in their relatives or families. But as they understand more, they judge you less.


Another tip that will help you create a happy atmosphere around the holidays is to practice ahead of time. If this is the time when you decided to go out, it would be helpful to have all the things you want to say in mind. All you want to ask for is respect and support, and the way you do it is important.

And if any family members want to understand more about this, be prepared to recommend them some books or articles from trusted sources. Learning more about how to support you is something many family members are looking after.

Be Confident

Going out might be hard but the times that follow should be positive. Even though many people judge LGBTQ people, over time they will understand more about this. And you should not be ashamed of it. You are not some kind of beast or non-human; you are just like any other people. A human that loves and wants to be loved.

Be confident about who you are. Do not change because some people judge you as you will lose your spirit. Trust yourself!

Follow Up

Communication is the secret key to unlocking happy holidays with your family and partner. It is thus important to check up with your family after the holidays and see if they have any questions. They might not feel comfortable with asking some questions at the holiday dinner, so a private conversation could be the perfect context to do it.

If the whole homo holiday experience was positive, show your appreciation for your family’s support and love. It is important to let them know that it is great what they are doing for you.

Get Support

If the whole holiday experience was a not so positive one, then asking for support is important. You can do this with your LGBTQ friends that might have gone through the same holiday experience. But as an assignment help online underlies, many therapy services can help you get professional help. It is important to understand how to relate to your emotions and the reactions you get from the other ones.


Spending your first homo family holiday happily might seem a challenge you cannot overcome. These eight tips can help you make the plan before the holidays. It is also important to have some me-time during the holidays and engage in activities that relieve your stress and make you feel good. Aim to understand your emotions and the way others react better to prepare better for the future.

Author Bio: Michael Gorman is a highly skilled freelance writer and proofreader from the UK who currently works at, an essay writing service uk. Being interested in everyday development, he offers a coursework writing service and discovers new aspects of human existence every day. His favorite subject is human psychology.

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