The vodka brand has created a striking poster campaign called Kiss With Pride on the 50th anniversary of partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in England and Wales.

Absolut wanted to highlight the fact that it is still illegal to engage in same-sex activity in 72 countries worldwide as part of its campaign for a more inclusive and open world.

The posters feature individuals from some of those 72 countries sharing a kiss and expressing their freedom.


The shots were photographed by Sam Bradley who was drawn to the campaign because “the idea was so pure”.

“I knew I had to be involved, it’s quite rare for advertising to be for a cause without it feeling disingenuous. This felt absolutely natural and true,” he explained.

“The more people that see these images the better. And not just in progressive cities like London and New York. I would really like the images to reach people outside of that bubble and to start a constructive conversation.”


The campaign will feature as print ads across national news and consumer lifestyle magazines.

Absolut has also launched a #KissWithPride Snapchat filter, and every use of it will see £1 donated to Stonewall.


The Head of Marketing at Pernod Ricard UK, Adam Boita, said: “The fact that millions of people around the world still aren’t free to love who they choose goes against everything Absolut stands for.

“The Kiss With Pride campaign is something we’re extremely proud of.”

This campaign follows the recent release of Absolut’s film Equal Love, which you can watch below:

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