London police have released a video of an altercation that happened in March in order to help find their culprit.

Around 4 am on March 25, former army soldier Lee Wardle was taking a bus towards Clapham Junction. It was during this ride that he overheard a man having an obnoxiously loud conversation on his phone.

As he told the Evening Standard:

“A guy was sat on the top deck just in front of me having a really loud, obnoxious conversation using a lot of homophobic language.”

“The man was talking about having been to a gay club or bar, but he seemed to have gone there ‘with the view to pick up women’, he said.”

“He had some sort of altercation with an individual about this.” He added: “I think he said faggots should be killed. It was very distressing language.”

At that point, Wardle asked the man to stop using that language, which made the man angry enough to start a physical attack. While the culprit initially tried to attack Wardle, he later turned his attention to another man on the bus named Adam.

Wardle then jumped in to protect the third man who had been “repeatedly punched and knocked unconscious,” according to the Evening Standard.

Wardle, who was deployed to Afghanistan with the Grenadier Guards on 2009 and won a medal for his services in Northern Ireland in 1997 and 1999, had his story verified by CCTV images released by the police. In addition, another passenger recorded a video of the altercation (found above).

Police are now asking if anyone can offer information about the culprit with a shaved head, a goatee, and a blue suit on. If so, please call 101 and quote CAD 1045/25Mar18.

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