gay penguins

After falling in love, this couple of gay penguins was moved for living with other gay penguins in sanctuary of Hamburg.

Stan and Olli are now just regular penguin gay couple.

A pair of two male king penguins, decided to destroy all plans of zookeepers for them to breed with the female penguins at Berlin zoo.

This couple was brought to Berlin under the European Conservation Programme (EEP) with the main aim – to breed more baby king penguins. But as it turned out they didn’t want to do what was expected from them.

“They’re gay, as far as we know,” Christiane Reiss, the Berlin Zoo spokesperson said. “They never bred. And when it came to courtship, they only mated with one another.”

gay animals

But this fact wasn’t so frustrating and the spokesperson of Berlin Zoo decided to move male lovers to Hamburg. There, they will join the colony of just male penguins who have the same sexual orientation. They will join another gay couple, Juan and Carlos.

Hamburg zookeeper decided to rename the coming penguins.

“We’re calling them Kalle and Grobi now,” keeper Dave Nelde said.

So, we can conclude that love between same-sex animals also exists!

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