We’d call this the Christmas gift of honesty! Imgur user Keegeroni gave his family a handmade gift this Christmas season:




Keegeroni’s Christmas present was a paper closet with a miniature version on himself inside proclaiming “I’m gay.”

He posted the present on the photo-sharing site, with a caption reading “I’m making my Christmas present for my family.” The response was overwhelming positive, though some commenters thought it wasn’t the most appropriate gift.

“Why does it matter what you are?” complained one commenter, “[This] has NOTHING to do with Christmas,”

Others, though, rose to Keegeroni’s defense.

“Christmas is about family. Coming out means sharing a deeply personal secret with the family. Sounds like it has a lot to do with Christmas,” replied Mills2016. “[He] is giving a very personal gift to the family. I think it’s awesome, providing the family is accepting.”

We hope the gift was well received!!


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