gay actor

The openly hot actor Darren Criss might be straight and happily engaged in real life, but on the small screen the Glee alum has taken on more than one gay role, and on the latest episode of American Crime Story: The Assassination Of Gianni Versace he delivered his first gay sex scene of the season!

Criss plays infamous serial killer Andrew Cunanan on Ryan Murphy’s softcore true crime series, and thanks to the show’s reverse chronological order, on the episode “Ascent” we are taken back to the moment he first met his love, David (Cody Fern.) I think Fern is all sorts of adorable, and I think I’ve come up with my perfect introduction for when I stalk him: “Fern around, every now and then I get a little bit lonely, and you’re never coming round.” Seamless!

gay actor

**SPOILERS** Anyways, while siphoning money from his sugar daddy #1, the otherwise broke Cunanan treats David to a luxurious night at the Mandarin Oriental in San Francisco, where the two passionately swap spit before stripping down to get busy in the shower together. We see a whole lot of Criss, but it’s Fern who flashes his tight butt. To everything Fern, Fern, Fern, indeed!

This scene contains adult content, obviously, so you’ll need to hit the NSFW link below to check it out in its entirety.

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