Three Scottish Marines were caught performing sexual acts on each other outside of a nightclub. While they aren’t facing jail, they have been kicked out of service.

The three men in question are Luke Bowen, Jordan Coia, and Ben James. According to police the three committed “puerile and repugnant” acts outside the DeVitos nightclub that’s near the Royal Marine base in Angus.

The staff of the club were warned by others that there “were a number of males with their genitals exposed outside,” but when staff checked they found nothing. The next day, reviewed CCTV security footage showed the full incident.

In the video, which hasn’t been released or leaked, the men are seen drinking each other’s urine and simulating oral sex.


“This was puerile and repugnant as the narration clearly demonstrates,” says Deputy Stewart Duncan.

The three men later pleaded guilty to the charges of public indecency but have avoided jail time (excluding 200 hours of community service) and won’t be registered as sex offenders. This is because the court accepted that there was “no significant sexual element” in what they did.

“He had hoped this would be a lifelong career but it has been brought to an end,” said Bowen’s attorney Lynne Sturrock. “He’s ashamed and embarrassed at this incident and his family and friends now are all aware of the circumstances of it.”

In addition, it seems there were other marines present at the moment, but have pleaded not guilty to the charges and have remained in service.

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