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“Boys don’t wear princess dresses!”

Toxic masculinity has reared its ugly head again as top race-car driver Lewis Hamilton chastised his young nephew for wearing a princess costume on Christmas Day.

F1 Grand Prix of Brazil

The four-time World Championship-winning Formula One driver posted a video on Instagram declaring, “I’m so sad right now—look at my nephew.” The camera then cuts to the smiling child playing by the Christmas tree, wearing a pink dress and waving a wand.

“Why are you wearing a Christmas dress?” Hamilton asks. “Is this what you got for Christmas?”

When his nephew laughs and nods, Hamilton replies, “Why did you ask for a princess dress for Christmas?”


He shyly replies “because we like them”—prompting Hamilton to beloow “Boys don’t wear princess dresses!”

The ignorant exchange prompted fierce criticism on social media.

“The kid looks genuinely happy!,” @JustNabz tweeted. “Just let him enjoy his little life without having social norms imposed on him.”

“That little boy was me at that age, and all i ever heard was grown men like Hamilton shouting at me for it” tweeted @jakkhayes. “Now 18 years on i’m still so conscious of how I behave & present in front of masculine performing men. FUCK THAT.”

And one user reminded Hamilton he’s made enough of his own fashion faux pas that maybe he shouldn’t judge anyone else’s choices.


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