Someone needs to tell Bobby Drake’s parents that love is love.

Over the past two years, X-Men member Iceman has come out as gay to his team and friends in the Marvel Comics series, dividing fans on whether it was the right storyline for him considering his string of romances with female heroes beforehand.

But most LGBT+ fans were happy to see him become Marvel’s first comic book series with a gay lead – and Iceman #5 sees him tackle a moment every LGBT+ person can relate to.


The latest instalment, Iceman plucks up the courage to come out to his parents, hoping they’ll accepting for who he truly is.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite go to plan, with his parents rejecting his sexual orientation and trying to place the blame on each other.


It’s a powerful moment in the series, and one that reminds us all that while things are better than they used to be, there’s still a long way to go for full acceptance.

To see how the rest of this storyline plays out, click here to buy Iceman #5.

Earlier this year, a younger, time displaced version of Iceman had his first kiss with fellow superhero Romeo in this glorious full page illustration.

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