"Until society progresses, we will keep moving forward," the ad concludes, "even as, exhausted, our protagonist continues to run."

It’s terrible when homophobia at schools turns into bullying. Some children live in same-sex families and they are happy two have two moms or two dads. Some children being teenages choose the partner to love – some boys choose boys, some girls can choose girls. But society doesn’t accept it. As a result bullying at schools becomes typical for modern society, that gradually grows into bullying made by the whole society.

You get up and run, and time flies by—but the onslaught never stops.

The war for equality is endless. New ad called “The Obstacle Course” was created by TBWA Paris for Inter-LGBT resembles a common nightmare of one boy: You’re a kid back at school, and everyone is staring at you in the long, leisurely silence before inevitable attack:


All the time, meeting enemies on his way, this guy forced to survive on his own.

“Until society progresses, we will keep moving forward,” the ad concludes, even as, exhausted, our protagonist continues to run.

“The Obstacle Course” was shot to draw awareness, and hopefully support. Everyone in this world – gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, people with black skin – all deserve respect and support! Let’s avoid cases that we have just watched in video. Let’s be supportive and understanding.


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