Max Emerson and boyfriend Andrés Camilo are celebrating their one year anniversary!

Model and YouTube personality Max took to Instagram – where he’s got over 600,000 followers – to share a cute photo of himself and Andrés reminiscing over the day they met one year ago on Sunday.

He wrote: “One year ago today I met this monkey and ever since it’s been a one night stand gone awry. I couldn’t be more grateful to have found such a weird and wonderful person to build a life with.”

Andrés also shared his own message, writing: “It’s been a roller coaster of a year with this guy. Can’t wait to keep the adventures up. #FavouritePerson.”

Max introduced the world to his boyfriend, soldier Andrés, in June last year with a touching YouTube video that saw him come out not only to the world, but also to those in the military.

The Instagram hunk said at the time: “We met on a dating app. He was less than a thousand feet away. Romantic right? It’s a marriage of convenience, really.”

Check out some of their most adorable photos below – just try and hold back the jealousy…

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