I had the pleasure of attending a couple’s celebration of marriage last year. The wedding ceremony was open to all, but the reception was on a boat so the seating was limited. I was happy to be 1 of the 112 that were on the intracoastal cruise that night. What I did notice was that one of the groom’s family was not present … at all. He had the family he chose there beside him to celebrate, but the biological family was no where to be seen. Invites went out to them, but none were returned, no RSVPs, no nothing.

Is this common place in our big ol’ gay world? Are there horror stories like the one I experienced that night? Of course there are. One Australian actor is not waiting until his wedding day to find out if his biological family is attending. He’s uninviting them right now.

Actor Barnaby Reiter disinvited his “NO” voting parents to his future same-sex wedding in an emotional open letter. Would his post change their minds like he hoped?

“Please know that if you choose to tick the ‘no’ box you will not be invited to my wedding … Don’t get me wrong. I want you there. No child hopes their parents won’t come to the happiest day of their life … But if you don’t support my decision to marry a man that I love and want to spend the rest of my life with then I refuse to feel unsafe and unsupported on my big day.”

Sounds like a good plan! One less stress to have on your wedding day.

Have you had to disinvite or uninvite people to your big day?


Results of the vote are expected to be announced next Wednesday, November 15th. It looks like Barnaby will not have to wait for the vote to know who will not be showing up at his ceremony.

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