Santa baby, hurry up and bring same-sex marriage to Northern Ireland tonight.

Northern Ireland same-sex campaigners don’t want a lot for Christmas, all they’re asking for is same-sex marriage.

Love Equality, the campaign launched to finally give the last place in the UK marriage equality, unveiled a massive card to Santa and encouraged shoppers to sign their support.

An estimated 300 people signed the card throughout the evening.


‘It was a fantastic event with our volunteers getting a really positive message out and getting a lot of support from all walks of life in the city,’ a spokesperson for the Rainbow Project said.

‘A few people recorded video messages on the night that were shared online, there was literally queues of people waiting to sign the card.’

The group said they were hoping to reach Stormont and urge them to understand the populous wants equal marriage.


John O’Doherty, of the Love Equality campaign, said: ‘Christmas is a time for families, for celebrating the time that we spend together and reflecting on the past year. We want to spread a message of equality and inclusion this Christmas.

‘That is why we are asking people to get involved in the campaign for marriage equality and make a big impact by signing our huge Christmas card to ask Santa to bring us marriage equality for Christmas.’

A poll released earlier this year found 70% of people in Northern Ireland support same-sex marriage. Stormont, thanks to the homophobic party DUP, has rejected a proposal to introduce same-sex marriage several times.


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