Omar Mateen’s first wife, Sitora Yusufiy, has spoken about her relationship with the gunman behind the Orlando massacre.

In an interview with Crime Watch Daily, Yusufiy revealed that she believed gunman Omar Mateen was gay and his attack on the Pulse nightclub was carried out to impress his father.


Yusufiy believes her ex-husband was gay and tormented by his openly homophobic father, which led to his violent tendencies.

Yusufiy makes her assumptions on Mateen’s sexuality based on the fact that “he was never sexually interested” in her and that there “was no sexual connection between” them.

She also noted that her ex frequently used gay dating apps and went to gay nightclubs on a regular basis. “There’s no other way to explain him having so many dating site apps and visiting clubs and dancing with gay men and confiding in them.” she said.

Yusufiy said that Mateen’s father often made fun of him in public for acting in a manner he perceived to be gay, and that Mateen picked up on his father’s homophobic rhetoric.

“Omar would always say gay people are the biggest sinners and they can’t be they should not be alive,” she said.

She revealed that Mateen was violent towards her during their marriage, which ended after his abuse became too much.

Yusufiy also revealed that she was pregnant with his child, but decided to terminate the pregnancy after the gunman made no attempt to make reparations with Sitora and her family.

A number of people have come forward saying they recognised Mateen from dating apps and clubs. One man even claimed to be the gunman’s former lover.

However, the FBI revealed that they had no evidence to suggest Mateen was gay.

The Orlando massacre left 49 people dead after gunman, Omar Mateen, carried out an attack in a gay nightclub called Pulse.

A further 53 people were injured in the attack which happened just 3 months ago.

The shooting has been called one of the worst terrorist attacks in the history of America.


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