Queen Elizabeth II isn’t having any of the anti-LGBTQ rhetoric being spewed by Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and other Republicans.

In an address to the UK parliament today, the 91-year-old monarch publicly pledged to protect LGBTQ people from discrimination.

Said the Queen:

“My government will make further progress to tackle the gender pay gap and discrimination against people on the basis of their race, faith, gender, disability or sexual orientation.”

queenBut it didn’t stop there.

The Queen also informed the public–in her reserved, British way–that the rumored state visit by Donald Trump would not be happening.

Theresa May had originally invited Trump for a visit when she met with him at the White House back in January. But after Trump’s brutish behavior, outlandish tweets, and the recent Twitter fight he picked with London’s Muslim mayor over the terrorist attack on London Bridge, it appears that invitation has been rescinded.

The monarch’s address to Parliament typically mentions all planned state visits, but the Queen made no mention of Trump whatsoever, only saying she would be welcoming King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain in July.

Cue Trump’s angry hate tweet at the Queen in 2, 3, 1…

Watch the Queen’s speech to Parliament below:

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