Is The Best Sex In The Middle Of The Day?

Aside from you know, the whole melding of the minds, I believe the best part to a blossoming relationship is the sex. Duh, right? Experiencing new things, learning from your partner, and even better yet, letting to get your freak flag fly with your newest beau may lead to the better memories of your, ahem, friendship. But, should your booming new sex life ever disrupt work?

I’ve gone on too many dates to count and have seen basically an army of men go through the revolving door that is my love life. While I’m hopeful and not bitter, I cannot help but continue my little crushes until my knight in shining armor truly comes along. For the better part of the last few weeks, I’ve been casually seeing what we in West Hollywood dread, a Mactor. You know, the combination of a Model and an Actor. While that is always troublesome for me in particular, I’m weak around a gorgeous face that makes me laugh harder than most. But, with the perhaps lack of ambition from my latest suitor, comes a completely different schedule than my typical nine-to-five work life. Since he doesn’t have a regular job to clock in and out of, my Mactor lives freely to do as he pleases. One of his pleasures, as he persists, is afternoon sex…

Yes, I’m constantly getting sexts throughout the day…which is distracting enough. However, he’s been begging me to cut out of work early to slide into his apartment, among other areas, during a lunch break. I am consistent with a firm “no” and try to pause the conversation until the evening, since it’s not likely he’s doing much after typical work hours anyway!

Trust me, I’m not a prude in the least! But should I feel awful that I’m refusing to participate in his reality, because it’s never crossed my mind to be a fantasy? I’m not easily convinced to do anything I don’t want too, and I’ve taught my latest beau a thing or two about my preferences, so I’m still shaking my head no to any afternoon lay that isn’t on the weekends or a calendar holiday.

Yet, after taking a quick poll on my Instagram I’ve found that many of my friends and followers HAVE taken the time out of their day to have an afternoon delight! Does this make me…late to the game?! Is a quickie during the work day something that everyone should try?! I need some advice.

In the meantime, please give a listen to the song which my latest beau has reminded me exists solely for reasons related to afternoon sex: “Afternoon Delight” by Starland Vocal Band below:


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