The homophobe called him a ‘f***ing f*g’

A Sydney performer turned the tables on a man who allegedly shouted homophobic slurs at him, by videoing the exchange which went viral on Facebook.

Brendan de la Hay started recording the encounter between himself and a man at an Sydney service station in Australia.
de la Hay confronts the man who allegedly called him a ‘fucking fag’ and a ‘gay c**t’ after he had gone inside to pay for his fuel.
Once he exited, de la Hay decided to record the man as evidence of what he was saying.

‘Look what’s your fucking problem?’ the man asksde la Hay in the video.

‘My problem is you called me a fag,’ de la Hay replies. ‘What is it? What did you call me?’

‘I called you a fucking ing gay c**t, you’re a fucking fag,’ the man responds.

‘Yeah good, I’m highly aware of that,’ de la Hay then says.
The performer posted the video on his social media pages where it has racked up thousands of views. He reminded people that homophobia still exists for many LGBTI people.

‘Any chance anyone else has had the displeasure of meeting this charming specimen? I’d love to know a name so I may properly credit him for his thrilling performance when I use this in my art exhibition. It would only be fair,’ de la Hay writes on Facebook.

‘This is a daily occurrence, and at a public petrol station of all places, all because of a little colourful clothing.

‘So… I ask you… how far have we REALLY come?

‘Don’t stop fighting. Don’t stop marching.’

Watch the full exchange here:

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