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Gay teenagers Joey and Thomas were told their quotes could "offend." Two gay students have spoken out after discovering that their inspirational coming out quotes were removed from their high school yearbooks. Joey Slivinski and Thomas Swartz, who attend Kearny High School, Missouri, were shocked to find that quotes alluding to their sexuality had been censored by the school after being deemed ‘offensive’. Joey had written underneath his senior yearbook picture: ‘Of course I dress well. I didn’t spend all that time...

Asexuals the world over say they want to be noticed as well. They are demanding greater visibility, saying they want asexuality to be recognized as an official sexual orientation by the government, the National Post reports. In a new review published by the University of British Columbia, Canadian sex academics are insisting that asexuality isn’t some bizarre form of “psychopathology” or the result an extremely low libido as famously diagnosed by zoologist and sex researcher Alfred Kinsey in the 1940s. Instead, they say, “we surmise that the available evidence points...
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Call it progress or mere stupidity, but it turns out a lot of straight guys spend actual moments of their lives wishing they were gay. And while very few of the below reasons dug up on Whisper ring particularly healthy or legitimate, we can certainly understand the appeal these days. Scroll down and let the identity crisis begin: Source

Coming out to people as gay you have definitely faced some problems. For some people who thought of you being straight it is strange to know that you are really gay. It's a common truth that some gay guys act more stereotypically gay. Some gay guys don’t. Could you walk up to a straight person and say, “but you don’t look straight”? Some gay guys decided to share their experience on Whisper about how they feel in such situations. Check out now: Source: whisper.sh

What is it like to be gay in our modern society? We have already shared with you the most catchy quotes of gays who shared with us their views concerning this subject. Now we are going to add the list of these quotes. You can also offer your own thought based on your own experience of being gay. So, what is it to be gay for you? Source: loveandpride.com
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Living as an out and proud gay person isn't a simple thing. A lot of gay people who came out face a lot of problems day after day. But why? Are they guilty of loving another guys? But if you can carve out a space in the world where you're surrounded by those who accept you for who you are, being gay can be pretty fabulous and great. Below, guys on Whisper share their ideas what is it like to be...
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Regardless if we’re talking about actors, politicians, stars or just famous people, there is a large collection of quotes and ideas about love, equality, freedom and humanity to choose from. Let’s hear some of the most compelling ones: From a religious point of view, if God had thought homosexuality is a sin, he would have not created gay people – Howard Dean. People should be allowed to marry and gay marriage should be out there. If a man or a woman...


These may be modeling photos of a young Taylor Kinney, but that full bush he's revealing is all man!!! Woof!! Source

Here’s a weekend treat that’s sure to please both your eyes and ears. New York actor and model Nick Sandell has been warming up his pipes. Uploading...