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Hey you, wielding that magnificently ornate hand-fan and insistently telling everyone your gaydar is on point. Drop that magnificent fan at once, and tell us: Do you really think you can guess the sexual orientation of a total stranger

That was the challenge presented to a roomful of strangers in a video that’s quickly gone viral, in which participants were asked to wager where each of their peers falls on the sexuality spectrum.


Produced by Watchcut Video, the short film finds all five participants scrambling to assign labels to one another based on their appearance and the answers they offer to a series of rapidfire questions.

The resulting video is full of surprises and nicely illustrates how the very idea of a “gaydar” is utter stuff and nonsense.

Now take your magnificent fan back, you stringent heterosexual who once kissed a guy in college after taking a bunch of mescaline.


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